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As a director, I aim to highlight the voices and stories of women and the LGBTQ+ community. Storytelling devices that warm me include magical realism, nonlinear narrative structures, strong ensembles, dance as text, and the joke within the crisis. I seek to create pieces that challenge, captivate, and leave the audience with more questions than answers. In the rehearsal room, I cultivate an environment of curiosity and serious play for my actors, designers, and artistic collaborators. I am a firm believer that strong relationships are the backbone for any production, and I make a conscious effort to ensure that my plays are joyous spaces for creation.

The Secretaries

By The Five Lesbian Brothers (Lisa KronMaureen AngelosDominique DibbellPeg HealeyBabs Davy)

Patty Johnson has just risen to the hallowed rank of secretary at Cooney Lumber Mill: the world’s largest supplier of fine pine. Though she craves the attention and approval of her new female coworkers, it’s clear that something is off in this office: a militant diet culture, a secret language of clicks and giggles, a written vow of celibacy. To Patty’s horror, these little quirks are just the tip of the iceberg, if the iceberg is a cult of women who ritually murder lumberjacks in the woods once a month. In this spooky and satirical investigation of internalized misogyny, Patty is faced with a choice: will she run from these horrors, or will she embrace this bloodthirsty family of women and earn her hunting jacket?

"She's Just Like Me"

By Julia Anderson

A new work by MFA playwright Julia Anderson. “She’s Just Like Me” follows the events of a particularly strange afternoon in Kevin’s garage when his girlfriend, Kelly, storms in with the intention of setting fire to his beloved truck. Her plans hit a bit of a snag when she discovers that the truck—Kimberly—is sentient and not too fond of the idea of being burned alive. In just ten minutes, this play explores self-defeat, liberation, and what it means to be a possession through an unlikely friendship between a woman and a vehicle. Performed as part of the 2022 Graduate Center Arts & Humanities Conference 10-Minute Play Competition.

The Snake Eater

By Bradley Hewlett

A new work by MFA playwright Bradley Hewlett, The Snake Eater tells the story of a young man named Thomas who is part of a religious community that handles venomous snakes. As he approaches his coming-of-age ceremony where must handle a snake of his own, Thomas experiences intense doubt, confusion, and fear. These ideas manifest in his dreams, told through dance, in the form of a cult of snake worshippers that are trying to send him a message. The world premiere of The Snake Eater was produced as part of the Texas Tech University School of Theatre & Dance's Frontier Festival: a celebration of new works by Tech students. 

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

By Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield

Complete Works is a high-paced physical comedy wherein three guys who know just about Shakespeare to be dangerous race through the entire canon of the Bard's plays in under two hours. I directed this piece as part of Birmingham-Southern College's mainstage season in Fall of 2019 as my senior capstone project. I wrote my own grant to the SGA to fund the technical elements and the marketing materials. After sitting through endlessly dry lectures on Shakespeare, I wanted to explore the joy and excitement of Shakespeare, and to share it with my community. 

in a word 

By Lauren Yee

Yee's in a word dives into the fragmented world of a mother grieving the loss of her son, who vanished one day from right under her nose. The narrative of this play weaves the present--the first anniversary of the disappearance--and the past, which we discover is not quite as idyllic as Fiona wants it to be. We see several versions of reality converge and distort, inviting the audience to piece together what really happened on the day Tristan vanished. I assistant directed this play under Sarah Lehmann in Fall of 2021. Lehmann afforded me a lot of license in every step of the process, including auditions and casting, taking and delivering rehearsal notes, attending production and design meetings, and facilitating actor warmups and cooldowns. I was able to stage and coach my own scene within the play, allowing me one-on-one communication with the actors.


By Michael Weller

Michael Weller’s Split follows Paul and Carol on the evening of a catastrophic dinner party. As they prepare salads and side dishes, we peer into a quirky and volatile marriage that verges on collapse moments before their guests arrive. One notable element of this play is that of fierce uncertainty. As these two characters bounce between emotional extremes, the audience is never quite sure what lies around the next corner: messy divorce or tender reconciliation. I directed this play in Spring of 2018 as the final project for my Directing class as part of a student-directed festival.

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